Committing to Sustainability

Throughout all industries, sustainability is a core driver in the future of business.  We are aware of the limited resources we have and need assurance that businesses are doing their part to take care of the environment and are sustainable in the long term.  Thankfully, we now see growth in a wide variety of resources that aid and support environmental sustainability throughout businesses, and in accommodation, one of those solutions is technology.  

What we also need to consider is the sustainability of our supply chain. In order to ensure properties are operating as sustainable organisations, supply chains must also align with required values as well.  Rest assured, Altitude works the same way.  We ensure we are doing our part to provide not only solutions that enable the accommodation sector to migrate their processes easily, but we ensure we hold ourselves against these same standards. 

Comfort in Guest Engagement

If we look at digitising experiences (front and centre for Altitude), properties are now able to significantly reduce or even remove paper from their back of house operations in one fell swoop.  Through technology, we automate traditionally paper-driven processes and offer guests the ability to choose their channel of use.  

Alongside a team that are advocates for your initiatives, properties can now be confident in uptake of these applications. Traveller behaviour indicates across the board that digital convenience is on the rise, an exciting and promising trend.  A study by Software Advice demonstrates that 60% of respondents to their surveys were ‘more likely’ to select a property which encourages guests to check in and open their doors from their mobile devices.  

The use of digital channels indicates that travellers are comfortable with use of the more sustainable option of technology over paper processes and hardcopy in room materials.  The Altitude team, as well as many other leading industry organisations see technology as the way forward in hospitality, and encourage operators to look to the trends of sustainability and take advantage of solutions that aid their efforts.  

Aligning closely with the increase in adoption of technology, a report from Hospitality Technology illustrates a strong trend around digital experience and encourages technology in accommodation as an integral part of the guest experience.  Solutions are no longer viewed as a transactional channel for travellers and are unique in their access to touch points throughout the guest journey.  

All this talk, but what does Altitude do?

The Altitude team can talk for days on environmental sustainability and why it is a key driver in what we do, and if you want to start a conversation, just get in touch!  We know that digital is the way forward, technology is agile and has endless benefits for your property and team.  We champion Altitude’s solutions which are developed with two key values front of mind, guest experience and sustainability.  Our solutions cover off the key touch points in the guest journey and move the entire experience to digital channels.  

It sometimes seems tough to find an initiative where you know your support is going to have a direct impact.  When the problem seems overwhelming, it is hard to know where to start.  We have started with ensuring we are a carbon positive organisation.  We also contribute 1% of all revenue to some organisations which we all feel will ensure our environment is here for generations to come – more details coming soon!

We all chip in and are extremely mindful of our own consumption of resources including fuel, water, plastics and general resources.  It also goes without saying that we operate without paper and hold our laptops close.  To ensure we are assisting our partners as best as we can, we also assist with recycling any hardware at the end of its life. 

We know sustainability is a concept that we all need to work on and refine, that’s why we will always keep learning and implementing new initiatives for a long time to come.  Rest assured, our tools will always tick the box as a sustainable solution for the accommodation sector.  

To read more about our sustainability commitments, check out our overview here, and if you would like to find out more information, please do get in touch.  We can’t wait to work with you to support your property’s sustainability initiatives.