Hotel Contact Tracing

Introducing Altitude Contact Tracing

As we start to re-open and work out what is required in this now contact-less world.

We discover that contact tracing has become quite important to understand who has crossed paths and more.

The Altitude visitor and contractor sign-in system enables a detailed hotel and restaurant specific solution, features include:

  • Multi location (handle restaurant, conferences, cafes, etc.)
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Custom colours, logos and more
  • Multi visitor ready (for the ease of family sign-ins)
  • Anonymise personal data (only allow sending of contact tracing messages and not view the personal data of visitors)
  • Visitors include hotel guests, restaurant

Altitude Express has been updated to include additional areas for COVID related messaging and more.

Altitude Contact Tracing can be used independently or connected with other Altitude products

  • 1

    Visitors Arrive

    Visitors enter a URL or scan a QR code to load up the web page

  • 2

    Visitor Signs In

    Visitor inputs their details in a simple mobile friendly web form

  • 3

    Visitor Signs Out

    Visitors can sign themselves out, or be signed out by staff