Meet Natalie

Meet Natalie Cook our Customer Success Manager – The first Altitude “getting to know us” post

So for those who don’t know you. You’ve dabbled in the hotel industry for a number of years. Tell us a little more about that?

I’ll try and make this short – I guess like so many, I kind of just fell into hotels and the industry. I needed a job after finishing a travel & tourism course, and I had no idea what I wanted to do. Anyway, I saw an F&B role advertised at a hotel, and thought okay that’s tourism, let’s give this a go! Fast forward 10 plus years, 6 different hotels and multiple roles later here I am. Still involved in the industry, but on the other side of the fence making hotel better every with smart technology. I enjoyed my hospo days, don’t get me wrong, it was hard work, but there was a real sense of being part of something great. As staff we had one common goal to achieve, and that was to create this WOW factor experience for every guest that came through the hotel doors. It was very rewarding!

One random fun fact about yourself?

Not sure if this is ‘fun’ but it shows how wild our imagination can be as kids. Being a red head or ginger, I had this fear that if I ate too many orange foods, such as carrots, oranges, the colour of my hair would heighten and become a brighter ginger than it already was. Even now at 35 I don’t look at oranges or carrots the same, and don’t get me started on Fanta! 🙂

What excites you about technology in the hotel world?

It’s now easier to use, smarter, quickly evolving, and more customisable to the hotel’s needs. Smart technology should enhance all aspects of the hotel business, reduce traditional manual management tasks, and enable a more sustainable, productive ecosystem, as well as create a memorable guest stay experience.

Last but not least – Do you have any tips or tricks to share while you’ve been in lockdown?

Umm, I’m not going to lie. I think I spent the first few days or maybe a week eating my way through it. But since then I’ve really tried to keep a positive outlook to this new way of working and living. I’ve tried to keep or maintain my pre-COVID daily routines really. I highly recommend listening to music and slotting in some exercise time, even if it’s 30 minutes a day. Now is a great time to go back to basics, be creative, and get ready for the recovery stage.

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