The new journey

As we start to adapt in this new norm, it has become more apparent that the contact-less journey is on the rise for the hospitality industry. How do you create an inviting experience while still providing a service in this new contact-less world?

Staying in touch

The core values of the hospitality industry are able building connections. However, with the catastrophic impact COVID-19 has had on all our lives, it’s time to re-think the way we connect together.

Hotels now have the ability through mobile apps and web portal to showcase hotel information, promote value adds, and increase guest satisfaction before the guest has even arrived. Offering the guest flexibility, satisfaction, and control of their stay experience.

Staying in touch throughout the guest stay life cycle can now be instant and personalised. With pre-arrival emails and SMS messaging or push notifications, live chat and more. This direct communication channel also removes any additional staff administration required in making a seamless stay experience.

88% of guests want a mobile app to allow a more personalised experience. Building a connection via mobile and web offers a safe haven for staff and guests. It drives guest engagement, reduces manual management, and maximises direct revenue opportunities for the hotel.

Removing manual management

No day is the same in the hotel industry. Hotel departments are faced with a number of daily manual tasks that are time consuming, and allows for inconsistencies in making a guest experience seamless.

Adapting into an automated process transforms how staff manage their day to day operation, and creates a more productive environment. Making a few changes reduces staffing and resource costs not only at front desk, but also in the back office.

Most digital product suites integrate seamlessly into core hotel systems such as hotel property management, point of sale, door lock. Removing reception queues, data entry, and additional printing. System integration creates efficiencies with real-time profile updating, rates and availability syncing, and better guest engagement.

Pick and choose

The guest chose your hotel to stay at. So why not encourage them to pick and choose their entire journey with you? Put your hotel outlets on display and drive additional revenue, while creating guest loyalty, and a positive experience for the guest.

Hotels can work with neighbouring restaurants and cafes to offer their guest more variety while staying. Guests can view or order from their mobile, or in-room devices, and charged directly to the guest bill. There’s an 18% increase in in-room revenue for food and beverage outlets that allow guests to order on their mobile devices or in-room tablets.

Allowing the guest to interact on their own terms, gives hotels time to provide a meaningful digital touch point that enhances a memorable stay.

At Altitude, we offer a range of tailored made solutions that can elevate the guest journey through a digital journey. Call or email us today to find out how we can help you design your journey.