Welcome, 2021!

Welcome, 2021!  We hope you have had a wonderful holiday period and are just as excited as we are for the year to come. We all had a great break here at Altitude, enjoyed the sun and spent time with family and friends.

After wrapping up a busy end of year in 2020, the Altitude team are looking forward to the launch of exciting new solutions and enhancements over the next few months.  

First quarter brings the new departure enhancements for properties working with Altitude’s Kiosk, Guest and Express Apps and the launch of our mini-kiosk.  You can read more about our mini-kiosk here

The mini-kiosk is small, simple, powerful and a permanent or semi-permanent solution to support your Front Office team members- guests can jump the queue with self-service check in and check out.

We are excited to support Uninest with the Altitude Student App for students to enjoy.  The new solution prioritises health and wellbeing of students while streamlining communication, arrival and facilitates mobile keys- all from the students phone.  

As always, our focus here at Altitude is on our why.  We fundamentally believe guests can enjoy an exceptional experience, while using environmentally friendly digital solutions, creating impressive operational efficiencies for your team.  We aim to simplify, automate, digitise and support the accommodation experience.  

We look forward to working with you this year and as always, we are here to help and support you in creating your digital guest experience.  

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