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Altitude COVID-19 management
Recover period tips and more


We understand that it will take time to get back onto your feet. So we would like to help by offering flexible fee periods for our solutions.


We have tools to enable your staff to connect, and incorporate the old with the new to enhance the guest stay experience.


We're in this together, and during this time we will be sharing tips from our team and experts as we look to adjust the way we operate.

Simplifying the process

We're providing the tools and expertise to
drive a new accommodation experience.
How to enable a contact-less hotel
Altitude delivers an effortless digital journey elevating the guest experience with contact-less apps and cloud-based technology.

We understand the need of simplifying processes in the hospitality industry, and that is why we built an end to end solution that offers simplicity and empowers the hospitality industry to succeed in an ever-changing climate.

Latest Recovery and COVID-19 blog posts

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Hotel Contact Tracing

An Altitude powered Contact Tracing solutions works independently or connected with Altitude products.

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