Easy to use

Increased guest revenue

Affordable custom hardware

Fully integrated

Simple check-in

Upon arrival guests can easily check-in using the provided Kiosk tablet.

  • Guests check in with their reservation ID or find their details via a reservation lookup
  • Room type and sub-type room upgrades increases possible revenue avenues
  • Add extras/sundries and initiate staff tasks
  • Payment device or web payment, including creating token of the guests card and taking payment authorization
  • Key card encoding through dispenser or card tap

Check-out faster

Checking-out is just as simple as checking-in.

  • Newsletter/Loyalty signup options, directly prompt the user to signup
  • Record minibar consumption, previous minibar consumption is displayed
  • View and email Bill, with option to hide based on payment options, e.g. Booked through travel agent
  • Simple payment integration with devices, charge existing tokens or enter a new card

Powerful hardware and features

Key Pickup enables a guest to checkin on the Altitude Guest App or Web Check-in and then pickup their key directly from the Kiosk.

Staff App enables staff to directly assign a guest to a Kiosk.

Altitude provides simple to advanced key encoding hardware as well as receipt printers and more. The goal of the Altitude Kiosk is to allow your property to build a high-end customised Kiosk solution.

The Altitude Kiosk is completely white-label and steps can be turned on and off as required.

Staff Connected

Using the Kiosk Manager; staff can connect a guest to a Kiosk instantly or see if anyone is having trouble.

Affordable & Easy

The Altitude Kiosk is built with ease of setup in mind, custom settings, template and functionality. This allows a property to be setup in little time at all.

Connected & Integrated

With connections to payment providers and door lock hardware; the Altitude Kiosk is the most advanced and connected Kiosk app solution available.

Custom Hardware

Altitude provides the raw hardware and guidance on your perfect Kiosk setup. No bulky machines or computers. Contact us for more details.

Revenue Generating

The Altitude Kiosk gives the hotel power to increase revenue with room upgrades, up-sells, extras and more

Looks good

The Altitude Kiosk allows you to setup image slide shows, or simple views to ensure the hardware blends into your environment.

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