The welcome app allows your guests to complete their check in electronically. It removes manual management of registration cards and saves your staff time to focus on delivering 5 star customer service.

Real-time Guest Profiles

The Welcome app directly updates your PMS guest profile details once the guest has submitted their digital card. Saving your staff time on manually updating the PMS after the guest has checked in.

Time Saver

By removing the manual paper process of printing registration cards, updating guest profiles and filing the registration cards away. Your staff have more time to focus on providing outstanding customer service.

Easy to use

Staff can easily assign the arriving guest’s digital form to the nearest Welcome App device, and guests of all ages can easily view and update their details as needed before signing and accepting the terms of stay.

In-house Marketing

You can allow guests to opt-in to your email marketing directly on the form, as well as promote your hotel amenities or hotel offers within the welcome app form page. An easy way to drive direct business and promoting further revenue avenues.

Easy setup & styles

The Welcome App is easy to download and set up. Once we have configured the app with your PMS, all you need to do is down the app from the store onto your device, setup and design the template of your choice.

Efficient check-in functionality…

Delivered directly into your PMS and the Altitude Guest Folio

Simple guest sign-in process

  • 1

    Guest Arrives

    Guest arrives at reception and advises staff of their details. The staff assigns their check-in to the nearest Welcome app device.

  • 2

    Update and sign

    After the guest taps the screen they will be displayed their booking and personal details. The guest updates any details, signs and agrees to the terms of stay.

  • 3


    The guests profile is instantly updated. The guest is the checked in, an access card can then be provided.

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