Building a Contact-less hotel

The core values of the hospitality industry are about building a connection. As humans we desire connections, and social contact. However, with the catastrophic impact COVID-19 is having on all our lives it’s time to re-think the way we connect together, for the time being.

Altitude was designed by thinking outside the norms, especially around check-in, check-out and service requests. Our key features minimise the time spent on the usual manual processes, and focuses on enhancing the guest experience for those with reduced staff.

When analysing those industry contact points, we need to consider how these can be restored by utilising technology, but still ensuring no guests are left out in a “digital-divide”.

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Enabling phone keys allows guest to avoid reception completely. But for those hotels that don't have Bluetooth doors; Kiosk and reception key pick-ups work when pre-checked-in.


Enabling a guest to complete their registration from their own devices reduces contact and creates an efficient check-in. Confirm a guests payment details and more.


Providing a self-service option allows reduced staff contact and time in shared spaces. This can be for any services a hotel provides.

Connected Staff

Sending requests directly to staff electronically allows less contact with delivery, reservation changes and more.

How can Altitude help?

We provide solutions that accommodate any guest persona, we have modular solutions that work together and apart. Some contact-less options include:

Self-service Kiosk

Our simple Kiosk only requires your key encoding hardware and an iPad. Place this iPad on your reception counter and allow a guest to check-in and check-out easily. Simple setup is hours, not days.

Guest Portal

Allow guests to complete their details and provide payment details and more before they even arrive. The guest can be prompted with upgrades and up-sells, pre-check-in then reception can prepare their key.

Guest Phone App

A powerful, fully featured customised phone app. It enables kiosk key pickup, key-less entry, room service ordering, compendium and more. Push direct upgrades, up-sells, and marketing to boost revenue.

Keep it simple

Altitude delivers an effortless digital journey elevating the guest experience with contact-less apps and cloud-based technology.

We understand the need of simplifying processes in the hospitality industry, and that is why we built an end to end solution that offers simplicity and empowers the hospitality industry to succeed in an ever-changing climate.

Let’s elevate the way we connect and incorporate the old with the new; enhancing today’s stay experience.

Empowering staff using technology

Enhancing guest processes through technology helps save time and create an enjoyable work environment. Altitude Hotel Cloud enables everything from incident management through to minibar tracking.

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