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Feb 12, 2024

The Foundations of Guest Experience: Altitude for Teams

Give your hotel team the tools behind the scenes to maintain high-quality control and efficiently manage day-to-day operations.

Altitude Operations

Altitude Operations Platform

Team collaboration and effective communication are the foundations of a successful hotel.

When your team is well supported and equipped with the right tools, they can focus on delivering elevated guest experiences. 

Altitude is designed to help behind the scenes so that your team can ensure high quality control, proactive management of day-to-day operations and personalised guest experiences. 


The All-in-One Guest Experience Platform

Guest Experience Platform

Altitude is more than a software solution; it's a consolidated platform designed to streamline your hotel operations and enhance your guest experience.  With one or two way integrations to your existing systems, Altitude ensures that your team members have one point of access for all of the information they need to support your guest experience and carry out daily tasks. 

Our Integrations Hub collects information from your Property Management System and then updates it in real-time with two-way integrations.  This ensures your team members always have the most relevant information whether on their desktop with Altitude Cloud, or on the go with Admin App.


Real-time Communications 

Feature Communications Hub


As a newly released feature in 2023, Altitude's Communications Hub acts as the core of guest and team communication, with features like Live Chat between guests and team members, our Chatbot with ChatGPT integration and back-of-house messaging.  

With Altitude, your team can also create custom back-of-house channels for specific operational needs. 


An example of a custom channel is establishing a VIP or Group arrivals channel.  This might include Concierge and Front Office team members, Food and Beverage and Management.  The goal for this channel would be to facilitate welcome gifts, activity and itinerary planning, arrival and departure coordination and more.  


Streamlined Team Workflows

Feature Task Management

It is important that team members can manage their workload effectively and eliminate the need for scribbled notes and manual tracking. 

From planning to completion, Altitude helps your team manage their workload efficiently. 

Tasks can be created by a team member or are automatically generated based on guest requests.  Tasks then move seamlessly through a kanban board as your team members take action, providing a clear overview of current tasks and creating accountability for your teams. 


Keep Track of Guest Items

Feature Lost Property

Behind the scenes, managing lost property is often complicated and time intensive. 

Altitude allows both guests and team members to log lost property, where guests can report lost items to your team for return and team members can proactively contact guests to reunite them with their items.  

Altitude also makes it easy for teams to manage and destroy long-lost items with easy search functions, location, tagging, notifications and bulk destruction. 


Keep your Property in Top Shape

Feature Maintenance

With features like scheduled maintenance tasks, in-room issue reporting, and real-time task updates, your team can stay organised while keeping your property in top shape. 

Schedule recurring tasks or generate new ones directly from Altitude Cloud or Admin App by using predefined options for easy input, then add images and comments.  Your team can receive alerts about new tasks whether generated by a team member or a guest through our Guest App or In-Room App.  


Efficient Housekeeping Tasks

Feature Housekeeping

With our Housekeeping module, you can simplify task allocation, room inspections and quality control, saving your team valuable time and effort. 

From bulk room assignments to pre-defined checklists, each aspect of the housekeeping process is streamlined and allows your team to focus on delivering consistently high quality accommodation for your guests.  



If you're ready to empower your team, streamline operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences, get in touch!


Ella, Operations Director at Altitude, is passionate about hospitality and hotel operations management. Ella writes about anything and everything hotels and technology, keeping a trained eye on how technology can help hotel team members be their best.

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