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Altitude ticks all the boxes.

With over 30 features and counting, Altitude is a complete guest experience platform.



How do Altitude features work?

Altitude is set as a platform with over 30 guest and operations features.  Where the feature makes sense, we include the feature in the guest experience solution. 

The features are core to the overall platform, not the specific solution and can be enabled or disabled depending on what experience you would like to offer.  

Can I add features over time?

Yes, you can opt for a phased approach. We will work with you to enable different features when they make sense for your property. 

Do some features cost more?

Most of our features are included in our different pricing plan levels.  Sometimes features like mobile keys will have additional costs due to integration fees and other associated costs. 

What if I have a specific feature in mind that isn't available on Altitude's platform?

We are always evolving the platform and adding new enhancements and features.  Chat with us about what you have in mind and we may have it already in our roadmap.  If not, we can work with you to either do custom development or add to our roadmap for the platform. 

Make the most of powerful features designed to exceed guest expectations. 

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Minibar Manager

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Mobile Keys

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