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Jun 01, 2022

Feature Spotlight: Live Chat

We are pleased to release our newest back of house feature- Live Chat! Connect your team behind the scenes to support smooth communication.

Live Chat
Live Chat Blog

Real-time communication is a must in every back of house environment.  Having the right information as and when you need it streamlines tasks, supports workload management and overall reduces friction. 

The concept of Live Chat- a real-time messaging tool for staff to communicate with each other, has been on our minds for a while now, and we are extremely excited to release our new feature, Live Chat to Altitude’s suite of solutions.


Connect Staff with Ease

Simple user flows allow staff to set up private or public channels and teams to help you focus on who needs the information for relevant tasks, updates and team projects.  

Live Chat has been released to both Altitude’s Admin App and Altitude Cloud, so staff can access chat information from any mobile device or from their desktop- depending on what works for their role.  

How it works

Configure your chat from Altitude Cloud and set up your channels with relevant staff members as you need. Unlike other solutions, Altitude allows you to create as many channels as you need, add as many team members as you need and then contribute to chat from any mobile device on Altitude’s Admin App, or from any desktop web browser in Altitude Cloud. 

You are also able to see users who have viewed the chat and receive customised alerts when there is a new chat in one of your channels. 

Live Chat does not require any third party connections and conversations can be managed by staff, instead of through private channels like WhatsApp. 

Upcoming Releases

We are constantly working to develop our solutions to be industry leading and cutting edge.  Soon to come in Altitude’s Communication Hub, includes automation of tasks and workflows through live chat, smart tiles and more- all set for release throughout 2022 and Q1 2023. 

Live Guest Chat through Altitude’s Guest Experience Platform is due to be released at the end of Q2, and we can’t wait to show you!  Smart technology meets guest experience- an excellent way to enhance your communication with your guests. 


Live Chat makes up a part of a new Altitude Operations Suite which is set to be released in September 2022.  Stay in the loop to hear about our new releases coming soon by signing up to our mailing list below. 


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Ella, Operations Director at Altitude, is passionate about hospitality and hotel operations management. Ella writes about anything and everything hotels and technology, keeping a trained eye on how technology can help hotel team members be their best.

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