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Nov 19, 2021

Minibar Manager

Altitude’s Minibar Manager automates traditionally manual minibar processes into one seamless feature of the Admin App and Altitude Cloud.

Minibar Manager
 Minibar Manager

When we talk about automation, we think streamlining tasks which already need to be done, ultimately making life easier.  Altitude’s Minibar Manager is the perfect example of using software to simplify and automate.  Instead of shuffling through pages of paper, manually processing minibar items, replacements, charging and managing stock throughout properties, Minibar Manager eliminates paper and double handling of reports, while merging processes into single workflows.


How does it work?

Located in Altitude’s powerful cloud-based back-of-house platform, Altitude Cloud, operators are able to set up, configure and manage stock locations and levels, suppliers, items and guest facing information. 

By carrying a mobile phone or a tablet with a wifi connection, staff can process minibar items directly to guest accounts, as well as manage inventory through Altitude’s Admin App. 

Team members can either locate the minibar item from the menu, or use the barcode scanner to scan and replace missing items to charge to the guest room. 

Admin App

Depending on your property management system, Reception and Minibar team members no longer need to manually charge items to guest accounts with two-way integration.  After posting items to the guest’s account from Admin App, this charge is then applied to the correct folio depending on the individual billing instructions. 

As items are replaced in guest rooms from mobile stock locations, locations can be easily restocked to correct par levels through mobile-friendly reports generated from Altitude Cloud.  

Minibar Setup

If you’re looking for an easier way to manage expiring inventory, team members can also load expiry dates for each delivery of stock, then activate email notifications for reminders. 

The Guest Experience

While in-house, Altitude’s hotel ordering feature encourages guests to reorder items when they are running low from any Altitude solution. 

Whether a guest is using Guest App (pictured below) or Self-Service Kiosk (pictured above) to check out, Altitude features seamless departure flows which allow guests to declare and review minibar charges as they check out. 

Through the departure wizard in Express, team members can interact with guests and post declared minibar charges all from a single screen. 

Guest App Minibar
  If you’re looking to streamline your back-of-house minibar processes, you can learn more about Admin App and the rest of our solutions here , or get in touch with the Altitude team below.

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Ella, Operations Director at Altitude, is passionate about hospitality and hotel operations management. Ella writes about anything and everything hotels and technology, keeping a trained eye on how technology can help hotel team members be their best.

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