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Apr 28, 2022

The Digital Cart

Offer guests a familiar shopping experience to personalise their stay with easy 'add to cart' features in Altitude's Guest Experience Platform.

Digital Cart
 Digital Cart

If you have purchased an item online, I am sure you are familiar with a digital shopping cart.  The easy experience of searching for what you need, adding to cart, reviewing your cart, adding payment, your details, then checking out.  

The well-established shopping cart experience is the rule of thumb across e-commerce sites with an end user familiarity to match its high conversion rate. Naturally, at Altitude we have tailored this to the accommodation sector to offer operators a perfectly positioned platform for serving up personalisation for guests with ease.  

  As a common online shopping tool, operators looking to digitise their guest experience do not need to worry about whether guests are familiar with or understand the experience.  Adding to cart is now expected from booking right through to in house ordering, and departure.  


Perks of the shopping cart experience


Offer guests the opportunity to personalise their stay in line with their own preferences. 

Maximise Revenue

Let your guests know exactly what you have to offer with in-app e-commerce stores, or pre-arrival, check in and in-house offers.  Offer these to your guests at key points throughout their experience when they are most engaged. 

Learn about your guests 

Gather information about your guests as they order and purchase to learn about your own offerings as well as their own preferences, then stay a step ahead by offering up tailored options to suit guest needs. 

Real-time updates and Inventory Management 

Manage your offerings in real-time with easy to use back of house tools to update when you need to. 


The shopping cart experience in accommodation

From a guest perspective, you are served up offers that are most relevant to you, at the point when you are most engaged in the process.  Guest experience stages like pre-arrival and check in offer endless possibilities for customising your stay. 

In Student Accommodation, this can look like purchasing daily essentials while you are in-house.  Running low on laundry powder, or need a few bits and pieces for study?  Operators can offer in house stores where students can purchase items and shop for an easy and convenient experience.  

In a hotel, this shopping cart experience can come in the form of Room Service, or Hotel Requests. 

Do your guests prefer a slim pillow, and need a few extra towels?  Your guests can add these through the app to their cart, for free of charge or for a fee- it’s up to you as the operator.  

After the guest has checked out, you now have the information that they prefer a slim pillow and you can serve this information to the guest for their next stay, or just place a slim pillow in the room ready for arrival.  

As an accommodation provider, your guests are happier and you have a streamlined task-based back of house experience. 

Within Altitude solutions, the shopping cart experience is seamless and easy to manage.  

Set up your offerings in Altitude Cloud, then watch them instantly update through to your guest-facing solution.  On a Self-Service Kiosk, this can be in the form of extras, upgrades and upsells, or on a Guest App this can be your room service, hotel ordering, onsite gift shop and more. 

Get in touch if you are interested to learn more about Altitude’s e-commerce features or would like to learn more about our solutions.


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Ella, Co-Founder & Operations Director at Altitude, is passionate about hospitality and hotel operations management. Ella writes about anything and everything hotels and technology, keeping a trained eye on how technology can help hotel team members be their best.

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