Powering smarter accommodation

Empower you

We want to empower people to make decisions faster and more efficiently.


We aim to reduce waste; removing paper and more, simply and effectively.

Powerful engagement

We want to connect and engage our users and your guests.

Taking accommodation technology to the next level

Altitude was created by a passionate tech loving guru – that was inspired by a group of Hotel experts to provide an easy to use, environmentally friendly end-to-end solution to enhance the guest experience.

Smart end-to-end

Altitude delivers a range of hospitality services to enable you to connect with your guests, increase productivity, and drive additional revenue.

Engage with your guests like never before through mobile apps, self-service kiosks, digital registration apps, guest marketing tools and digital signage systems.

Ensure enhanced staff efficiency through a complete digital hotel management system; including maintenance, housekeeping, reporting, lost property and more.


Altitude saves paper, reduces costs, increases revenue and increases guest satisfaction. Altitude utilises the latest in cloud and mobile technology. Always available and highly integrated.

We want to help you create a sustainable business, in both revenue and environmental factors.

Our Sustainability Approach

Our management team

Anthony Radich

Solutions Director + Founder

Anthony has designed Altitude from the ground up, ensuring it is a well integrated, high performing machine. He is passionate about protecting the environment and enhancing guest experiences.

Ella Blake

Product Director

Ella brings her experience and love of hotel operations to Altitude, designing products and enabling strategy in hotels. She is passionate about learning and ensuring teams have the tools they need to succeed.

Manh Nguyen

Development Manager

Manh leads our team of highly skilled developers. He and the team takes pride in ensuring high quality delivery of all components of Altitude. He too is an iOS developer - building the Express app.

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