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Sustainability and the environment are at the heart of why we do what we do.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline operations with automation and reduced operating expenses.

We have the core belief that the days of paper and excess resource use are behind us.   The Altitude team are passionate about ensuring our solutions are problem solvers in the world of sometimes clunky traditional accommodation processes.  

We take pride in providing technology that enables the accommodation sector to find their solution of choice, if that means a reduction in use of paper, our technology provides an easy answer to the often tough and overwhelming topic of finding more sustainable business practices.  

We are constantly thinking of ways we can help support our partners to reach their environmental goals. By chipping away at the grand plan, Altitude actively focuses on making solutions that are digital, cloud-based and agile, all with the hopes of making this an approachable no-brainer for properties to adopt more sustainable business practices.  

Technology use is at the forefront of sustainability, it enables us to be more efficient, but that creation of technology also requires us to give back.
– Anthony, Solutions Director and Founder of Altitude

Our Commitments

Altitude reinvests into product development and long term success of both our technical solutions as well as the future of the company.  We are excited to take our partners with us on the journey as we develop and innovate our solutions to tackle the big challenges.  

We provide solutions that support businesses to drive engagement with their guests.  We are passionate and want to see our partners succeed in communicating their message with their travellers through digital channels.

We as a team see enormous value in doing anything we can, to help the environment and ensure we have a healthy planet for generations.  We’ll be sure to keep you updated with our progress. 

The Big Picture

We work with Dodo to ensure that our work stays carbon neutral. Additionally, 1% of all revenue is contributed towards two key deforestation projects to ensure we remain carbon positive.  These encompass conservation projects in both Peru and The Amazon rainforest in Brazil.  It breaks our hearts to think that the lungs of our planet are being destroyed.  More trees equal more oxygen. 

This is just the start.  We look forward to keeping you updated as we work towards our sustainability goals. 

Daily, we focus on...

Our Team

We actively focus on our own use of paper, water and petrol, whether out meeting with our partners, or working in our day to day, we are mindful of our use of resources and focus on reduction or elimination wherever possible. We’re digital natives so it makes sense that we operate in paperless environments.

Our Community

Here at Altitude, we love to get behind initiatives that will help our community, that's why once a year, we get stuck into community events and volunteer with our chosen organisations.

Our Products

We know that hardware like tablets and screens will reach the end of their life someday, that’s why we ensure to assist properties in effectively recycling their gear through the right channels. We work with local experts and take guidance from your location to help with this process.

If you would like to know more about our sustainability and environmental initiatives, get in touch.  We would love to talk to you about how we can help your property work towards a cleaner and greener world. 

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