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Meet our
All-In-One Kiosk

Fully featured with our Self-Service Kiosk Software subscription.

Mobile Keys

RFID Card Dispenser

Dispense cards for all RFID locks or pick up mobile keys. 

QR Code

QR Code Scanner

Scan codes from the web or apps to pick up or begin check-in and out.

Kiosk Portrait


Guests can choose to print out their room and payment details. 


Photo and ID Documents

Take a photo of the guest and their ID Documents.



Hardware Options

Kiosk Stands and Mounting Options

Altitude Kiosk stands include the following features:

Orange Circle Secure mounting components

Orange Circle Key return slot

Orange Circle Space for additional hardware such as ID scanners (where the camera must be specified to meet local requirements)

Orange Circle Internal cable routing for a clean setup. 

Altitude Kiosks can also be setup as wall-mounted or desk-mounted kiosks. 

Payment and Credit Card Terminals

Payment terminals attach to the side of the All-In-One Kiosk.  This allows us to connect to a wide range of terminals from different providers.  

Cables route through to the internals of the kiosks and can be plugged into the internal power plugs or supply. 

RFID Card Encoding

Altitude integrates with a wide range of RFID card providers.  If we do not currently connect to your provider, please send us a message and we can contact the provider to see what is possible.


Custom Kiosk Options

We'll work with you to find the ideal kiosk to suit your environment. 

We can provide the following hardware:

Orange Circle

Tablet mounts and screens

Orange Circle

RFID key dispensers

Orange Circle

Printers and scanners

Custom kiosks include:

Orange Circle

Custom built and designed all-in-ones

Orange Circle

Architecturally designed implementations

Orange Circle

Custom computer setups and hardware




ID Documents

Collect and validate guest ID Documents for their stay.

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Customise your kiosk to be an extension of your brand in both look and feel. 


Browse our integrations

Book in some time to find the perfect kiosk for your property.


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