Improved guest satisfaction

Increased guest revenue

High customisation

Complete guest profile

Connected guest profiles

Once a guest has downloaded the app via the app stores, they can login by using Google or Facebook. The Altitude guest app allows guests to search or create their profile, link existing reservations and join your loyalty program via Altitude Loyalty.

The guest profile is synced directly into the Altitude CRM, where you can view guest stays, room service orders, hotel requests, lost property, loyalty, and marketing campaigns.

The guest can signup directly to the properties loyalty program managed through Altitude Loyalty.

  • Can continue without a profile
  • Easy to install from the app store
  • Simple guest login
  • Simple setup and connection to claim reservations
  • iPhone and Android compatible

Reservation Management

Guests can view all their upcoming and current bookings.

Room upgrades depending on availability are based on property settings. Room extras can be added through a simple interface, increasing room revenue.

  • Easy to add and connect reservations from direct bookings and OTA’s
  • Room upgrades managed through the PMS or based on availability
  • Completely customised integration to PMS and content
  • Guests can receive connect codes to connect to existing reservations
  • Guests can book directly from the app
  • And much more…

Property and Local information

Letting your guests know what you have to offer is key. The Altitude guest app allows you to share hotel information such as; restaurant menus, local events, room service, attractions, spa treatments and more.

Altitude guest app is also designed for multi-site, enabling cross property loyalty, guest profiles, and marketing.

  • Customised information, pages and content
  • Local event and attraction guides
  • Easy to use dashboard and app flows
  • App changes to property state when checked-in for multi location chains

Guest Check-in

Before check-in the Altitude Guest app empowers the guest to upgrade their room or add in optional extras – boosting revenue per night and more.

The guest can use their compatible phone to then unlock their room door. If they don’t want to use their device or can’t then the guest can request a room key card.

  • Easy to check-in and manage booking
  • Check-in prompts
  • Room selection for all guests, loyalty guests or no guests, all depending on availability
  • Instant door unlocking with compatible devices
  • Share keys with other guest’s devices
  • Request key cards
  • And much more…

Room Service and Preferences

Guests can order complete room service directly from their phone, choosing time of delivery and custom selections of preferences.

Room requests go directly to staff apps. Where staff can manage their workflows, process orders, complete orders and then deliver to the guests room.

The Altitude central management module allows staff to details complete products, workflows and delivery timelines

  • Room service cart and ordering including choose time of delivery
  • Complete product, service and request management
  • Instant staff and guest notifications
  • And much more…

Check-out and Feedback

The Altitude Guest App has a complete Credit Card management setup, allowing Guests to setup and change their billing options.

Guests can rate their stay live – this provides a live stay feedback to the property staff. Enabling staff to process issues quickly. Upon checkout the guest is asked to rate their stay in a simple face or star rating. Then a more advanced feedback page is displayed where the property can ask any questions which may later impact direct marketing and property improvements.

Guests can Check-out directly from the app, finalising their bill, any mini-bar purchases and finally close off their booking. guests can then leave the property without any interaction.

  • Full credit card management
  • Live stay feedback – directly map the hotel stay satisfaction over time
  • Simple and advanced stay feedback
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Easy to check-out
  • And much more…

Staff Connected

All Guest interactions, orders, requests and feedback go directly to Altitude Hotel Cloud, with a direct Staff App connection staff and managers see a direct line into guest satisfaction and reporting.

Affordable & Easy

The Altitude Guest app is built with ease of setup in mind, custom settings, template and functionality. This allows a property to be setup in little time at all.

Connected & Integrated

With new connections to payment providers and door lock hardware; the Altitude Guest app is the most advanced and connected guest app solution available.

Increased guest satisfaction

Guests have the direct choice of interacting with the hotel staff or not, giving the guest options to how they manage their stay is important to the guest of the future.

Revenue Generating

The Altitude guest app gives the hotel power to increase revenue with room upgrades, hotel service ordering, and direct business.

Future updates

The Altitude Guest App is always updating, small features will be released at no additional charge and larger functions can be added through a simple subscription.

Integrated with your property

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