What is Altitude?

All in one platform

Only focus on one single platform to manage your digital guest experience and back of house operations. The single platform provides a consolidated guest and operations view.


Altitude is always innovating, that's why we love what we do.
We take our customers ideas seriously and we're always looking at new features and ways to improve.

Experience Agnostic

No matter how experienced your guests are with making the most of technology- or even if they would prefer to interact with staff, Altitude works to enable and automate more effective processes.

Where did Altitude come from?

Altitude was founded in 2019, and was inspired by a group of industry experts who wanted to simplify their day to day operations and drive better guest engagement, all while being environmentally friendly.

It all started with an in-room digital concierge for guests to use during their stay, as well as digital registration, all linked to a hotel cloud enabling staff to complete their daily tasks without printing paper.

A couple years later and Altitude now offers a wide range of smart app and cloud-based platforms, from plug and play to all-encompassing guest platforms.  We work hard to provide the building blocks for accommodation providers to craft and reshape their digital guest and staff experience.

We help properties maximise their ability to boost business, look to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions and elevate the guest experience by allowing guests to pick and choose their stay experience.

But what is Altitude?

Altitude’s consolidated data and integration hub allows properties of all shapes and sizes to have a digital experience for their guests and operations. Reducing effort, time allowing staff to work on providing experiences rather than processing paper and manual tasks.

Updating content can be pushed to the Portal, Guest App and Kiosk all at once. Guest profiles and preferences are synced and ready for enabling loyalty and precise marketing.

Are you interested in how we have built Altitude? Our Engineering Blog contains articles written by the team on how the inner workings of Altitude run.


Who is Altitude for?

We have built Altitude is be highly customisable and works for accommodation providers of all types, including but not limited to hotels, motels, long-stay accommodation, student accommodation and holiday parks.

How much does Altitude cost?

It depends on what products and modules you want to use, how big your properties are and more. But we’re providing modern advanced solutions that the big chains have at great costs for independents and small to medium groups/chains.

We have minimal and sometimes no up front costs and the remaining costs are subscription costs which include maintenance, support, new releases, upgrades and more (depending on modules and products).

How long does it take to implement Altitude?

It completely depends on what products and modules you want to use. We recommend starting with smaller functionality first (such as check-in only, or some modules for staff), then expand based on a timeline. It helps staff feel less overwhelmed and they can learn and understand the systems and processes in place.


Deployment can start at 1-2 weeks, to 1-2 months.

Do you offer training?

Yes we do! Most installations which require changes in processes have training involved, most can be covered online or in person. We also have a detailed knowledge-base.


We can also provide someone who can come in and consult on your processes, and help you understand how you can use technology (not just Altitude) to improve operations and ultimately save time and money.

How does the hardware work? Who buys which parts? What can you supply?

This depends on the requirements of the install. We recommend the property purchase devices for their staff and guests such as iPads.

We also have a Mobile Device Management solution to enable you to remotely control, lockdown and find missing devices.


For Kiosks, Altitude supplies all other hardware in varying options as seen on the Kiosk page.

Do you connect to my PMS? Or to my POS?

We have built an extensive integration hub, if your PMS or POS has an open integration specification we can connect to it. Please get in contact to find out more and how we can help and if we can connect (or likely already ready to connect).

Can I manage my own updates and changes to content and settings?

Yes you can! Almost everything we setup for you can be modified by the property. This includes configuring styles, colours, text and more. This is all managed through our simple Content Management System within Altitude Cloud.

For larger changes in processes we recommend working with our team on the changes and running tests within the training environment.

Or we can manage all changes for you with a content management subscription.

Can you tailor make a solution?

Altitude is very configurable and allows a lot of customisations, all of the apps are styled to your needs based on our templates and themes.

Altitude is completly “white-label”, there is no reference to Altitude to the guest. The Guest app can be hosted within your own App store accounts, and portals can be located at the web domain of your choice.