There are endless possibilities in building your smarter hotel

Altitude is the smarter accommodation platform built to simplify the process through guest and staff facing solutions

Self-service Kiosk

Simple yet powerful guest experience for instant check-in and out. Create revenue boosting options and no clunky hardware

Smart Guest App

Create an experience your guests wont forget with a custom hotel guest app. Including key-less entry, room control, ordering and more

Guest Web Portal

Simple to use, web based check-in, out and more. Guests can order room service and message the property directly.


We want to help in minimising manual management, and empower the accommodation industry to drive for results in all aspects of the business. We believe you don’t need all the fancy stuff to be successful, it’s about offering thrifty hotel software and hardware solutions that captures the guests, drives growth, and is easy to manage.



Maximise your ability to boost your business with easy solutions that allow guests to pick and choose their stay experience. Give your guests the control to drive additional revenue with upsell & cross sell, ordering services, and direct bookings.



Connect with your guests at any time with real-time communications tools such as direct SMS messaging, push notifications and ordering service requests. Our contact-less mobile and web portal tools make it easier for guests to explore your hotel before their journey has even began.

Its easy to connect

We’re about making things simple.

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  • Integrates seamlessly
  • Fits into existing processes
  • Simple custom designs and styles
  • Widely modular, choose your options
  • Automated with no manual overheads
  • Multiple guest touch points
  • Create a new experience
  • Generate revenue from new sources
  • Create efficient staff operations
  • Simple to setup and release

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