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Keep your guests engaged.

Connect your staff.

Reaching new heights
in guest service.
Connect like never before.

Connected future

Complete guest integration.

Guest satisfaction

Improved guest retention.

Industry experts

Built by hoteliers for hoteliers.

Cost saving

Save time and money.

Other features

Dashboard Reporting

Customised live dashboards' ensure hotel staff understand all aspects of the hotels current guests, their sentiment, requests and more. Hotel stats such as occupancy rates and revenues are also beautifully displayed.

Guest Loyalty

Track guests stays and spend through VIP and Loyalty review functionality, a VIP enhanced app and web options ensures guests feel like a true VIP. Self service VIP tracking and more.

Website & Booking Engine

Take control of your Website with a completely integrated website solution - a mobile responsive website with a full content management system. Keep your website revenue with your own payment gateway.

Build a smart hotel with Altitude

Connected guests, and hotel staff are at the core of a smart hotel, with real-time features, guest satisfaction insights and self-servicing tools, Altitude is transforming the overall hotel experience.

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Altitude is the future of hotels.

Altitude engages staff and creates a connected environment.

Staff are the core of your operation, ensure efficient and effective operations with Altitude

Easy to use

Easy to use apps ensure everyone's job is enjoyable and easy.

Time saver

Our features create time savings that can be better spent elsewhere.

Always evolving

We're always releasing new features to ensure happy users.

We're making it easier.
Find out how...

Altitude offers a selection of features which will help enhance your hotels productivity, and create more time to interact with your guests. Real-time information and requests are the core of a smart hotel.

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